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"It was highly impressive to achieve the design correctly first time for such a high power gearbox and in a relatively short period of time"

Woncheol Hong
General Manager

Hyosung – Industrial Machinery Performance Unit

All SMT CAE software certified compatible with Windows 10 by Microsoft and supported from XP onwards.

Our CAE software has a rapidly growing active user base in over 100 blue chip companies worldwide. 22 of which are Global 500 companies and 10 of which are in the USA Fortune 500!

MASTA – Gearbox and driveline design, analysis and simulation

MASTA is a complete suite of CAE software for the design, simulation & analysis of advanced transmission systems from concept through to manufacture.

Comprising a large number of inter-operable modules, MASTA can be applied to all industries that use gear-shaft-bearing systems.

MASTA Benefits

  • Accurately and rapidly design transmission systems from scratch or imported concepts
  • Comprehensively understand the life of a mechanical part over the customer duty cycle
  • Identify potential failure modes early in the product development cycle
  • Rapidly predict key performance characteristics at the design stage
  • Easily explore changes in transmission layout, component selection and/or design, materials and manufacturing processes in the convenience of a virtual environment
  • Perform full system simulations for any transmission or driveline configuration
  • Incorporate manufacturing simulation at the design stage to reduce process development time & cost
  • MASTA’s unique and modern architecture written from the ground up in C# makes it a significantly more stable comparative solution for current and future operating systems

Core Features

  • Design entire transmission and driveline systems using a comprehensive selection of components and design databases
  • Gear tooth geometry optimisation
  • Durability analysis for gears, bearings, shafts & splines
  • System Deflection Analysis & Optimisation
  • System NVH analysis & optimisation
  • Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis
  • Shaft Fatigue & Stress Analysis
  • Shift Performance & Quality
  • System Dynamics
  • Gear Cutter Design and Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • Housing & Shaft Deflection
  • Gear Scuffing Analysis
  • Drivetrain Simulation
  • Planetary Load Sharing
  • Isight interface for multi-parameter global optimisation

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“MASTA software has been used continuously in the design and application of engineering projects since its purchase and has proven itself to be very usable and stable. It has been an essential tool in the product development cycle and has allowed significant reductions in our analysis time, with obvious business benefits.”

Principal Engineer at SAIC Motor Technical Centre, UK

“MASTA has greatly improved our gearcase design and analysis capabilities, and of all the decisions I’ve made over the 40 years I worked for this company (half of that in gearcase design) picking MASTA as our gearcase design software is no doubt the best one!”

Joy Global: Underground Mining, USA

This was an imperative tool that helped achieve the goals we wished out of the designs in a relatively short period of time.”

General Manager, Hyosung Corporation, Korea

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