A better way for measuring and assessing TE & NVH test data

SMT recognise a need for a simple to implement NVH and TE data capture software and hardware solution capable of precise measurements and complex analysis in an effective workflow. 

SMT are therefore pleased to announce MEASA. Pronounced ‘measure’, this new addition to the growing family of SMT solutions has a key benefit over alternative packages in that it requires minimal setup for NVH engineers but still provides precise and accurate data capture and analysis for troubleshooting NVH issues. Furthermore, one of the most important culprits of gear whine, ‘Transmission Error’, can be easily measured and analysed.

An integrated software approach to troubleshooting NVH

MEASA’s seamless data exchange with MASTA allows NVH engineers to gather real world test data and feed expected orders from CAE models to easily identify the main contributors to noise issues.

  • Reduce product development time by integrating test data into virtual simulations
  • Cut product development costs by minimising iterations of component testing
  • Allow production variations to be explored at no additional production costs

More information will be available soon