A Comparative Study of Polymer Gears Made of Five Materials

In the latest issue of Gear Technology, Software Engineering Director Dr. Paul Langlois produced a technical paper in association with Warwick University on ‘A Comparative Study of Polymer Gears Made of Five Materials’. The authors include Dr. Paul Langlois of SMT, Dr. Ken Mao, Nithin Madhav, David Greenwood and Martin Millson all of Warwick University.

The article reviews the wear behaviour of polymer gears made of five different materials being investigated using an existing polymer gear test rig while also performing step loading tests at a constant speed of 1,000 rpm. The article also covers significant differences in failure modes and observes performance for the five polymer gear materials for gear engagements of gears, with the same material as each other.

“I am very pleased to once again contribute to a paper together with Dr Mao and his team at Warwick University. This follows a paper earlier this year on ‘The Wear Resistance Improvement of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite Gear’ for Wear 2019. Dr Mao’s world class research team is helping to improve academic and industry understanding of the behaviour of polymer gears allowing to apply their benefits to new higher torque applications.”

The article appeared in the November/December 2019 issue of Gear Technology and is available on our website.