The combination of our software solutions and engineering consultancy services allows us to share and develop ideas with some of the most prestigious companies in their industries.

Our customers include…

*  The listed companies are just a selection of our customers that have given their express permission to publicise our relationship


“MASTA has been continuously used  in the design and application of engineering projects since its purchase and has proven itself to be highly usable and stable. It has been an imperative tool in the product development cycle and has allowed significant reductions in our analysis time with clear benefits to the business.”

“MASTA has greatly improved our gearcase design and analysis capabilities, and of all the decisions I’ve made over the 40 years working for Joy Global, half of that in gearcase design, picking MASTA CAE software is without doubt the best one!”

MASTA was an essential tool that helped achieve the goals we wished out of the designs in a relatively short period of time.