Last month, three of our technical bearing specialists flew off to Germany to don their lederhosen… and to attend the 2018 Bearing World Conference!

This year, one of the most significant topics looked at bearing efficiency. With the cost of fuel rising and environmental requirements on the up, more importance is now being placed on bearing performance and gaining maximum efficiency, than ever before. An interesting study conducted by Timken on ‘high efficiency’ tapered roller bearings, may hold the answer to being able to provide smaller or higher capacity bearings to a transmission without an increase in power loss. Increasing the efficiency of bearings in this way could be key to the future use of taper roller bearings within our industry… so keep your eyes peeled for future developments!

After a few days back in the UK, and a little time to digest the information gathered from the conference, it once again became clear that our regular attendance to events like these is paramount to the continual provision of the BEST and most innovative consultancy solutions to our customers! And after all, there’s no doubt SMT customers deserve the BEST!

So, to continue our endeavour to remain one of the world’s leading gearbox and driveline software and consultancy provider, we will see you at Bearing World 2020… if not before!