Applications for DRIVA

Wind Turbine Drivetrain Dynamics


‘DRIVA for Wind’ enables full modelling and dynamic simulation of complete wind turbine drivetrains in MASTA

Perform analyses and obtain results required for GL2012 and GL2010 guidelines

  • Use full drivetrain model from blades to generator including a fully detailed gearbox model and complete flexibility of all components.

DRIVA for Engine

Engine Drivetrain Dynamics

‘DRIVA for Engine’ enables modelling and dynamic simulation of transient torque changes within an engine and the consequent effects on component lifetime.

The loading of whole engine drivetrain is highly dynamic and traditional static rating methods are widely inaccurate.

  • DRIVA for Engine combines a dynamic system model with gear and bearing ratings for full component-loading time history

Other Applications

  • Drivetrain shifting dynamics and shift quality vs. control strategy
  • Drivetrain compatibility between clutch, transmission, prop shaft and axle etc.; transmitting of torsional vibration
  • NVH: Gear rattle analysis
  • Engine gear trains for timing etc., dynamic crank loads. New engine arrangements, future integration of engine & gearbox
  • Dynamic loading of transmissions, e.g. driveline of off-road vehicles
  • Bespoke client analysis, etc.