bearing features

MASTA includes a set of modules dedicated to bearing design and analysis

  • A comprehensive bearing database, including different bearing manufacturers’ catalogs and custom bearings
  • Bearing load and misalignment analysis
  • ISO 76, ISO 281 and ISO / TS 16281 bearing check
  • Transmission efficiency analysis - Calculate bearing power loss according to ISO / TR 14179-1
  • Analyse the effect of the FE housing on the misalignment of the bearing
  • Analysis of the effect of mating and thermal effects on bearing clearance

Bearing Catalogue Partners

We work with the following bearing suppliers to keep an up to date catalogue of over 50,000 commercially available bearings


Ball Bearings

  • Radial Ball
  • Angular Contact Ball
  • Four Point Contact
  • Self Aligning Ball
  • Thrust Ball
  • Angular Contact Thrust Ball

Roller Bearings

  • Cylindrical Roller
  • Needle Roller
  • Taper Roller
  • Axial Thrust Cylindrical Roller
  • Toroidal Roller
  • Spherical Roller Thrust
  • Asymmetric Spherical Roller
  • Axial Thrust
  • Radial Spherical Roller

Custom Bearings

Define and save custom parameters for Rolling Bearings not available from the included manufacturer database

Other Bearing Types

  • Concept Bearing
  • Axial & Radial Clearance
  • Fluid Film Bearings
  • Tilting Pad Thrust Bearing – based on ISO 12130
  • Tilting Pad Journal Bearing – based on DIN 31657

Ball Bearings

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