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  • Fully featured evaluation of MASTA
  • No training required
  • Full access to our dedicated support
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Evaluations are available on request for commercial organisations. Please fill in your details below.

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Request Academic Licence

Non-commercial academic licences are currently available for institutions in Europe and North America.

Note: If you are a student please contact a faculty member to get in touch as licences must be held at your institution.

Frequently asked questions

The software is activated with a USB dongle. There are two options, a Single PC licence or a Network licence whereby multiple users can access the software through a local network.

Licence purchasing options include:

  • Lease – Purchase MASTA for a set period of time
  • Lease Purchase – Purchase MASTA in installments
  • Perpetual – Purchase MASTA outright

We offer academic licences to universities and colleges. The software can be used for non-commercial purposes on the institutions network. Select the academic option from the evaluation request form to get more details.

Academic licences are currently available in Europe and North America.

Please note we are unable to provide licences to individual students.

MASTA is commercial grade software and has a wide choice of modules, seats and licencing options.

The best way to find out pricing is to get in touch and we’ll discuss options given your criteria.

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Training is not required but is available. One of the key benefits to using MASTA over competing software is it’s usability and workflow. Anyone with a grasp on transmission engineering will be able to setup a simple model and perform analysis on it in within an hour using MASTA.

The nature of SMT’s CAE software is that it gives users a unique competitive edge in their industry. For this reason we hold confidentiality agreements with the majority of our users.

Visit our customers page to see a selection of customers who have given their express permission to publicise our relationship alongside user testimonials.