A better way for measuring and assessing TE & NVH test data

MEASA has a key benefit over alternative solutions in that it requires minimal setup for NVH engineers but still provides precise and accurate data and analysis for troubleshooting NVH issues.

The SMT Portal Arrives

SMT are pleased to launch the 'SMT Portal' today. It aims to offer an additional channel for obtaining learning resources, software support and the latest software downloads in a simple to use online environment.

MASTA 6 is now available

SMT are pleased to announce the release of the highly anticipated latest edition of its CAE software, MASTA 6.

How effective is your CAE software?

When developing advanced transmission systems, rapid complex calculations and detailed visuals are essential to an effective workflow so you must make the most out of the computer hardware you have available.

Modelling from 2D CAD Import in under 20 Minutes

A relatively complex assembly such as a transfer case can be modelled in MASTA in as little as 15-20 minutes.
Gareth Cooper at CTI

Solving Axle Noise Early in the Development Cycle

Air France industrial action kept Dr Langlois grounded en route to China so Gareth Cooper, Senior Transmission Engineer, took his place at the CTI show in China to present "The Noise Challenge".

CAE Software Certified for Windows 8

SMT CAE Software has passed compatibility tests for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ahead of upcoming releases this year.

Bevel & Hypoid Gear Design, Analysis and Manufacture

For the first time, gear manufacturers can now benefit from an integrated worklow that fully considers the design geometry of bevel and hypoid gear tooth flanks, via the manufacturing machine settings, within the context of the full system.

Wind Turbine Drivetrains to Certification Standards

SMT provides a complete design and simulation package with a powerful MBD solver to ensure that modern standards for certification are met.

MASTA version 5.2 released

We are pleased to announce the release of version 5.2 of MASTA