The automotive world is moving rapidly towards electrification with increased requirements for NVH performance, efficiency, and of more robust analysis methodologies to ensure the most effective solutions are found. Keeping up with, and ahead of, that trend is of paramount importance to SMT. We have been increasingly approached by a number of customers, both of MASTA and of our Engineering Services, with questions about Electric Vehicle (EV) drivetrains and what we can do for them.

The annual exhibition held by the Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon Vehicles (Cenex-LCV) at Millbrook Proving Ground provides the automotive industry with a platform on which to demonstrate their ideas, technologies, capabilities and plans for the future. From battery manufacturers to civil engineers looking at charging infrastructure, and heavy industry electric conversions to pure-electric motorsport, the event is filled with the latest solutions for this growing industry and is a great place to identify the direction of the industry, to gauge the requirements of customers and to generate business.

Our Engineering Manager and Senior Research Analyst attended as visitors this year with a focus on researching motor suppliers, motor design and analysis software, concepts and in-production e-Axles and to investigate opportunities open to us. The event was busy, with ~4,000 attendees and a few hundred exhibitors and was a great opportunity to meet with some customers, some potential partners and suppliers and was overall a very good day out offering attendees the chance to ‘ride and drive’ in a number of electric vehicles on the world-renowned Millbrook track.

SMT intends to attend again in 2019 as an exhibitor, we will keep you posted.

For a live demo of MASTA’s capabilities and to find out more about the many advantages of incorporating our software within your next EV+HEV project, or to discuss an engineering consultancy project, please contact info@smartmt.com