Developing the Engineers of our Future – Gareth Cooper Lectures 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Students at Warwick University

It’s safe to say engineering is our passion! But we’re also passionate about developing our industry by shaping the careers of young engineers. So, when we received Dr Mao’s invitation to visit Warwick University and provide a lecture to his 3rd year Mechanical Engineering Students, we just couldn’t resist…

So last Tuesday, Gareth Cooper – one of our very own Lead Transmission Engineers, travelled down to Warwick University to talk about using software tools to optimise for gear noise reduction. Armed with MASTA – our industry-leading CAE software, Gareth shared his insight and extensive experience to over 40 students, helping to give their academic learning a real-life context. The lecture was then followed by a two-hour lab session that helped students gain the skills and experience of using a leading CAE software package… as well as helping with their project work!

We’re already looking forward to visiting Dr Mao and his students again at the end of April and are excited to be able to continue in the development of our industry, through the nurturing of talent of the future.