In the latest issue of Gear Technology, the software and research team at SMT have produced a technical paper on “Electric Vehicle Whine Noise – Gear Blank Tuning as an Optimisation Option”. The authors include SMT’s Owen Harris, Director of Research; Paul Langlois, Software Engineering Director and Andy Gale, Research Engineer.

The article reviews noise issues from gear and motor excitation that are commonly faced by many within the EV and HEV industry. In the paper, the authors present an advanced CAE methodology for troubleshooting and optimising for such NVH phenomenon. The presented methodology is available in SMT’s MASTA software — for the design and analysis of transmission systems.

“We introduce a specialist full transmission system analysis model that considers all the multiple performance targets of interest within the design process. Static deflections of the system, durability, efficiency and frequency and time domain dynamics can all be considered. The focus of this paper is gear whine simulation in the frequency domain”.

The article appeared in the March/April 2019 issue of Gear Technology and is available on our website.