SMT was delighted to host and present the first annual European User Forum in Munich, Germany. The event was a great success with 40+ attendees, featuring presentations from SMT’s technical experts and current MASTA software customers. Presentations delivered by technical experts included an overview of current and future functionality, MASTA’s application in the ever-developing EV and HEV market, and a summary of handy hints and tips in a live MASTA presentation.

Featured presentations included were –

‘MASTA shortens design phase of transmissions’ Christian Wirth, ZG GmbH.

‘Experiences with MASTA at MAN’ Hansjörg Schultheiß, MAN Truck & Bus AG.

‘Minimizing whine & maximising robustness of gears using a system-level approach in MASTA’

Neil McNab, Cummins Ltd

We extend our gratitude to those that attended the European User Forum and hope it was an insightful and enjoyable experience for all involved.