Feature Focus: Advanced Time Stepping Analysis for Modulation (ATSAM)

The simulation of modulated dynamic response is an issue experienced by NVH engineers the world over and has previously gone unresolved without expensive and time consuming MBD simulations. Introducing the all-new “Advanced Time Stepping Analysis for Modulation” functionality, otherwise known as ATSAM.

ATSAM adds to MASTA’s already impressive NVH analysis and optimisation capabilities, which have facilitated countless successful NVH endeavours all over the world. This is accomplished by pushing the boundaries of a frequency domain NVH analysis, improving on single position linearised stiffness models to consider how the system stiffness changes during operation.

All of this, whilst maintaining the high accuracy and rapid calculation speeds users expect from SMT’s flagship transmission software.

Frequency domain NVH analysis in MASTA is performed with a model stiffness linearised around a single loading condition and at a set point in its rotational cycle. This long established and very successful methodology gives MASTA the means of performing rapid, high fidelity NVH analysis. It could, however, run into problems when presented with a system where modulation of components has the potential to drastically alter the dynamics.

Planetary systems and asymmetric gear blanks are key examples. As the rotational position of the components changes, the dynamics of the system have the potential to completely shift. When these situations arise, it’s clear that more advanced tools are needed.

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Article by Sam Webster