Feature Focus: Concept Modelling gets Even Easier in MASTA 11

Today’s post will discuss Palette Modelling, a revolutionary new way of creating MASTA models.

MASTA 11 Modelling Overhaul

Heading the list of new features is a highly anticipated overhaul of MASTA’s modelling systems. From initial concept modelling to the inclusion and optimisation of complex housing components, MASTA 11 aims to simplify the process of developing increasingly intricate transmission designs.

Palette Modelling

MASTA has long gained critical acclaim amongst its users for user friendly operation and sheer speed and ease of modelling. MASTA 11’s new component palette serves to further simplify this process.

Alongside the already straightforward user interface, you will notice the addition of a range of familiar component icons to your Design Mode’s 2D view. Simply drag and drop these items into the 2D window to see the process of adding, connecting and positioning components reduced to one solitary operation. Couple this with the new command wheel, giving you instant access to critical modelling commands, and concept transmission designs can be created in a matter of seconds.

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Article by Sam Webster