Feature Focus: Why MASTA Scripting is Important

MASTA Scripting hands an enormous amount of power to the software user. Create custom scripts in numerous programming languages to extend MASTA’s capabilities in near unlimited ways.

SMT will be hosting a Scripting in MASTA Workshop on the 18th and 19th May. This will be a 2-3 hour introduction to MASTA Scripting, giving you the knowledge you need to start constructing your own custom scripts.

But why would you use MASTA scripting at all?

Leading software packages such as MASTA cannot contain every function or calculation that an engineer may desire. This is where MASTA’s scripting capabilities come in. Perhaps certain calculations are bound by a company’s intellectual property and cannot be incorporated into a general software release. Or perhaps a desired improvement is planned for a future release. MASTA Scripting gives engineers the ability to extend MASTA’s capabilities in near-unlimited ways.

What is MASTA Scripting?

Using a purpose-built API with thousands of accessible properties, create custom software extensions using a range of programming languages:

  • .NET languages (such as MASTA’s native C#)
  • Python

With these programming languages comes their associated extensive capabilities, such as Python’s access to numerous mathematical, plotting and scientific libraries.

Why should I use MASTA Scripting?

Use MASTA Scripting to solve two major issues in the transmission simulation and development process.

Repetitive tasks

The complex process of engineering a transmission system is often hindered by the need to repetitively transfer, post-process or re-work many data sets. These take valuable time and attention away from engineering tasks, and open the door to human error due to the sheer amount of data being processed.

MASTA Scripting can resolve these issues by facilitating automation of these repetitive tasks. A one-time commitment of resources to writing a script can mean time saved over many years via automated data processing, performed exactly the same way, each and every time.

Intellectual Property

Companies compete to be at the forefront of innovation and research, often meaning in-house developments such as methodologies and calculations can not be shared with the complete user base of a commercial software. This can cause a dilemma for the engineer, who needs factor these developments into their designs.

MASTA Scripting can resolve this problem by facilitating the creation of software extensions which need not be shared with the general user base. Using MASTA’s API, develop scripts which fully incorporate in-house calculations or methodologies into the broader MASTA system. Feed design or results properties from MASTA directly into your scripts.

Who can use MASTA Scripting?

SMT provide a range of tutorial material to get you up and running with scripting in MASTA.

  • Log into your SMT Portal account to gain unrestricted access to all of SMT’s tutorial content.
  • For more information on the who, what and why of scripting, take a look at this informative video.
  • Sign up to our Scripting in MASTA workshop on the 18th and 19th May, for a 2-3 hour introduction to MASTA Scripting (Registration button down below).

Contact us at sales@smartmt.com for more information.

Article by Sam Webster