Discover MASTA 10:

SMT is pleased to announce that the much awaited and next major release of its revolutionary software, MASTA, is available for all users and evaluators.

Most notably the scripting feature in MASTA 10 delivers enterprise level integration with in-house tools and third-party that supports Python, MATLAB as well as .NET languages. MASTA 10 is one of many cutting-edge developments of the software and the scripting feature enables the extension of MASTA with user-written source code, distributed plug-ins and source code readily available from the SMT Store. Efficient automation of tasks such as model building, running analyses and compiling results are therefore optimised.

Key features:
• MASTA API to automate customer processes
• SMT Store for example code
• Custom results in the MASTA interface
• Supports Python, Matlab and .NET languages

Additional enhancements and features of MASTA 10:

• ‘Unit Harmonic Force (FRF)’, ‘Unit Harmonic Moment (FRF)’ and ‘Advanced System Deflection Current Load Case Set Up’ excitation options added for gear sets.
• Specify gear mesh excitations at orders other than the tooth passing frequency

Flexible Spline Coupling
• Addition of Major Diameter Fit option
• Contacts now include tilt stiffness
• Specify a different helix angle on left and right flanks of spline teeth.
• Determine whether a spline will slip, given a specified coefficient of friction and tangential stiffness.

Gear Teeth Meshing
• Create FE meshes of gear teeth in MASTA and append them to imported full FEs or MASTA-created shaft FEs.

Save/Load External FEs in Multiple Files
• Externally saved FE files (*.smtfe) are now split into (*.smtfem) files containing the mesh information, and (*.smtfev) files containing the expansion vectors.

FE Mass and Stiffness
• Can specify an expected number of rigid body modes for an FE model.
• MASTA will check for all-zero rows and columns of the stiffness matrix and alert the user if they are present.

• Performance improvements when including microgeometry.

Electric Machine Data Import
• Data is now specified/edited in imported FE mode and stored on a FE model.
• Visualise nodal forces.
• Example with Radial Flux motor with skewed rotor added to Examples Menu.
• Example with Axial Flux motor added to Examples Menu.

Parametric Study Tool
• Save and load results from runs.

Cylindrical Gear Mesh Power Loss According to ISO/TR 14179-2
• Users can now choose ISO/TR 14179-2 to be used in cylindrical gear mesh efficiency calculation.

Create Additional Condensation nodes for a Group of FE Nodes or Faces
• Users can now create condensation nodes connected to a group of selected element faces or nodes when they have the full FE mesh in MASTA for use as accelerometers or component connections


Please contact your local Account Manager or SMT representative for further information. Discover more about the new features available in MASTA 10 by catching up on our latest on-demand webinar videos, ‘Scripting’ and ‘MASTA 10 Overview of New Functionality’ that highlight and deliver some examples of the many features mentioned.
For full details see the release notes accessed via the SMT Portal).

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