MASTA 11 Software Release – Now Available

SMT are proud to announce the release of MASTA 11.

Packed with new and updated functionality, the latest offering of our world leading transmission development software aims to revolutionise your CAE experience. MASTA 11 introduces brand-new modelling and analysis capabilities to keep you at the forefront of an industry forever pushing its own boundaries. From traditional heavy industry to cutting edge electrified propulsion and robotics, MASTA 11 has you covered whatever your transmission application.

Key Features:

  • Palette Modelling
  • SpaceClaim CAD Link
  • Asymmetric Gears
  • Advanced Time Stepping Analysis for Modulation (ATSAM)
  • Cycloidal Drives

Palette Modelling

MASTA has long gained critical acclaim for its user-friendly operation and sheer speed and ease of modelling. MASTA 11’s new component palette serves to further simplify this process with a revolutionary new drag-and-drop modelling system.

SpaceClaim CAD Link

MASTA’s new SpaceClaim CAD Link introduces game-changing functionality, providing engineers with the ability to pass data from CAD to MASTA with zero intermediary steps. Gone are the days of the compulsory mesh generation in a dedicated FE software package. MASTA can now link directly with ANSYS SpaceClaim, actively exchanging geometry at the click of a button and linking it to MASTA components using brand-new and in-built meshing capabilities. These same abilities are also utilised by the new STL Import tool. Simply import an STL format geometry file (easily generated in all major CAD packages), mesh and connect to your transmission model. All without leaving MASTA.

Asymmetric Gears:

Asymmetric gears are an innovative advancement in gear technology showing various advantages over conventional symmetric gears where gear flanks are unevenly loaded. SMT are pleased to introduce asymmetric gear modelling, analysis and optimisation into MASTA.

Advanced Time Stepping Analysis for Modulation (ATSAM)

The simulation of modulated dynamic response is an issue experienced by NVH engineers the world over and has previously gone unresolved without expensive and time consuming MBD simulations. MASTA 11 is here to help, with the introduction of ATSAM. Retaining MASTA’s trademark simulation speed and results accuracy, MASTA 11 reveals a previously unseen level of detail in frequency domain NVH simulations. Resolve complex NVH issues quickly and efficiently with ATSAM.

Cycloidal Drives

Cycloidal drives are rapidly being adopted into a wide variety of transmission applications beyond their traditional robotic roots. MASTA 11 continues to keep you at the cutting edge of this emerging technology with cycloidal drive modelling and simulation.

There’s far more packed into MASTA 11 than we can share here.

Click here to watch a MASTA 11 excerpt from SMT’s 2020 Technical Seminar.

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