This spring SMT will be releasing the latest advancement in CAE software for mechanical transmissions, paving the way for a new era of development capabilities. MASTA 7 contains the most cutting edge technologies available to industry leading engineers today and will help enable them to reach new levels of quality and innovation.

composite-fe-componentsNew features include significantly enhanced imported FE capabilities, allowing users to take casing and component meshing into the MASTA environment for analysis and optimisation in the context of the full system. This includes advanced system deflection and NVH responses to non-rigid fixings.

The Tooth Interior Fatigue Fracture (TIFF) module is another major addition to MASTA 7, allowing users to predict crack initiation risk for TIFF based on the method of MackAldener. The module uses results from MASTA’s Loaded Tooth Contact Analyses and visualises the internal stress and fatigue stress. Understanding of such a failure is becoming more essential to transmission development and optimisation can now be made early on in the design stage.

Amongst the major feature MASTA 7 offers there are a number of smaller tweaks to help streamline the development process. Furthermore, it has been fully tested and certified compatible on Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 release as well as legacy operating systems. MASTA’s hardware compatibility also enables it to utilise the full benefits of commercial grade workstations whilst supporting lower grade systems.

MASTA has been developed alongside some of our most active blue chip customers who develop products for future markets. We therefore have a highly user driven development programme that ensures the industry’s demands on our customers are met by our solution. All new features made available continually support the needs of our user base who perform their roles in dynamic and rapidly evolving markets.CIRF

“MASTA 7 introduces the next generation in commercial grade CAE design, analysis and optimisation for mechanical transmissions. This ground-breaking tool reflects years of collaboration amongst our partners, associations, and talented engineers who share the most inspiring ideas in industry and academia today.”
Euan Woolley, Software Development Director at SMT

MASTA 7 is currently in the later stages of Beta testing and will be available this Spring. For current users of MASTA on a maintenance subscription MASTA 7 will be available as a free upgrade. Evaluations of the latest edition of MASTA are also available both commercially and for academics to discover how MASTA can help realise their full potential.