SMT is pleased to announce today that the next major release of its world-leading software, MASTA is now available. Available immediately for all users and evaluators, this latest release builds on the strengths and successes of previous versions and includes several innovative enhancements that ensure that SMT remain at the forefront in providing cutting edge technology solutions to an ever-increasing array of users.

Areas where you will find new or revised functionality include the following:

Gear Whine/Harmonic Excitation Analysis

  • New results available including airborne sound power for a full FE component
  • Interface improvements to allow more flexibility in the results shown, including showing the response at multiple locations on one plot
  • Export of operating deflection shapes that can directly be used in acoustic analysis packages
  • Display of operating deflection shapes in 3D view

Shaft FE Meshing

  • Create a detailed FE model using the shaft geometry defined in MASTA.
  • Includes all cylindrically symmetric features such as fillets

Bearing Clearance at Mounting Points

  • Automatically add mounting clearance if it occurs due to fitting and thermal effects

Flexible Spline Coupling

  • New spline contact type to model each flank contact
  • Simple setup process for FE nodes

CVT Model Improvements

  • Define separate fixed and moving sheaves
  • Include axial forces on sheaves

Many other small functionality and user interface improvements

Please contact your local Account Manager or SMT representative for further information, to ensure you have access to the latest release or to arrange a demonstration or evaluation.

To find out more about the new features available in MASTA 9, you can watch the latest Webinar video here