SMT returns with the MASTA Webinar Series for 2019 that will feature presentations from both technical development and engineering experts from SMT looking to demonstrate the latest features within the software, and also introduce some exciting future developments.

With the awaiting MASTA 10 release of the software, there are just a few weeks to go before the next webinar set to preview new functionality.

Stuart Jones; one of our Senior Software Engineer/Analysts, will host and demonstrate the highly requested scripting functionality that will be available in our upcoming MASTA 10 release. Join us on Thursday 28th of March at 1 pm (GMT) to explore the interface.

The agenda includes:

  • Introduction to scripting in MASTA
  • SMT API properties, model building and extracting results using C# and VB.Net
  • Use scripted properties in MASTA’s custom reporting framework
  • Plugins – share functionality with other MASTA users whilst retaining IP
  • Create and setup multiple code solutions
  • Using the SMT API in a console application
  • Future developments
  • Q&A’s

You can register for the webinar by following the link to our webinar series page where you can also catch up on demand with all of the previous webinars available