Join us in our next MASTA webinar series for 2019 focusing on frequently asked questions on Finite Element (FE). This will take place on Wednesday 19th June at 1pm (BST) / 12PM (GMT).

Tom Harvey, Technical Lead – Software Engineer Analyst, will be hosting the webinar and has over nine years of experience working at SMT. An expert in FE and other numerical analysis techniques, he is also responsible for FE within MASTA as well as system level analyses such as System Deflection, NVH and DRIVA.

The agenda is now available and will be focusing on common customer requests in relation to FE including housing mounts, torque transfer, bolt connections, gear blank modelling, accelerometers, advanced solver options and more.

Interested in learning more about this topic? Register now for this live webinar here to gain an extended insight into recurrent queries of FE.