International Conference on Noise Optimisation

From the 30th January to 1st February our Transmission Engineer, Richard Earl attended the International Conference on Noise Optimisation for EV/HEV in Berlin.

The main focuses of the conference included improving interior noise for driver feedback and generating exterior noise for EVs at low speed. In 2019, low-speed exterior noise will become a legal requirement in EV’s in an attempt to improve pedestrian safety, specifically for visually impaired pedestrians who often rely on vehicle noise when near roads.

The other key focus seemed to be on the individual components which contribute to noise in EV vehicles. It is clear that many companies have already begun to investigate the effects of electric motors for steering racks, brake NVH issues and transfer paths of vibration through shock absorbers. A case study conducted by Renault also highlighted some interesting points including the results to their electric motor excitation analysis and what they did to reduce the vibration response of the motor casing.

Whilst it is evident that the industry faces some interesting challenges ahead, it’s clear that the capability and application of MASTA in this kind of analysis and research is key, not only now, but as the industry continues to move forward in this era of EV and HEV development.

There are some exciting times ahead!