We are delighted to announce that Richard Woodward has been appointed as Managing Director, here at SMT.

Richard previously joined the company as Operations Director and has been integral in helping to drive SMT’s recent successes into fruition. His new role will serve both the operational efficiencies and business progression during our exciting period of growth.

Richard comments: “I am immensely proud to be asked to fulfil this role and to be at the helm of SMT during these exciting times. As a company, we have worked tirelessly to establish ourselves as the best CAE tool on the market, for drivetrain system analysis, and we are paving the way to our own success.

Over the next few years, SMT will flourish on a colossal scale, as we develop MASTA, MEASA, and DRIVA and put our skills and experience into practice with engineering analysis and optimisation consultancy services and drivetrain design expertise, for some of the leading OEM’s around the world.

This growth is only possible due to the exceptional people that we surround ourselves with, the staff that we employ and the customers who have unequivocal belief in us and our service.

It is our dream, as a cohesive team, to shape SMT into a globally recognised force within the drivetrain industry and to ensure that the service we provide, the support that has made us famous, and the dynamic energy that we all possess, continues to help us grow.”

It’s safe to say that SMT is undoubtedly growing from strength to strength across the UK and its worldwide offices, so stay tuned for more new and exciting developments as the year progresses.

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