Transmission Technology International: Scripting in MASTA 10

Automation via scripting

In the latest issue of ‘Transmission Technology International’, the technical team at SMT produced a technical paper on ‘Automation via scripting’. The contributor of the paper, Paul Langlois is pleased to announce the introduction of automation with MASTA 10 through scripting with it’s latest release.

The paper reviews the use of software systems in transmission development, manufacture and troubleshooting processes. With the ever-stringent requirements and decreasing lead times required to get ahead in a highly competitive market, the efficient use of software tools throughout development is critical. The contributors explain that the software should enable engineers to optimise the use of their time in streamlining engineering decisions, and allow them to spend less time on manual tasks such as concept/model building, running analyses and extracting results.

Paul Langlois, Software Engineering Director at SMT goes onto mention “Our revolutionary new scripting functionality released in MASTA 10 allows our users to interact and create workflows with MASTA at a whole new level. Scripting fully opens up the software to enable interaction, integration and customisation. We have already seen some very interesting use cases from our customers including efficient data exchange with 3rd party and in-house tools, automated workflows for benchmarking, extension of MASTA’s display of results with additional user defined results and charts and many more. We are excited to see what other tools and workflows our customers develop in the future with this powerful tool.

The article appeared in the September 2019 issue of ‘Transmission Technology International’ and is available on our website.