Join us in our next instalment of the MASTA Webinar Series that will take place on Wednesday 12th August 2020 at 1pm – 2pm (BST).  The webinar will provide an overview of SMT’s Engineering Services approach to NVH optimisation and showcase how SMT can enhance the NVH performance of your gearbox.

Dr Tom Hardy, Lead Transmission Engineer at SMT, will be hosting the webinar and has been a part of the team for well over a decade. Tom has specialised in the design and analysis of gears; initially as part of the Software team before moving to Engineering Services.

During his time at SMT, Tom has worked on all manner of consultancy projects ranging from full transmission designs to detailed NVH analysis and optimisation.

  • The agenda for the webinar will showcase capabilities such as:
    • Methodology Overview
    • NVH Team
    • Project Experience
    • Advanced Analysis Examples
    • Case Studies

SMT has delivered many NVH projects successfully, including those for luxury, European, US & Japanese vehicle manufacturers. SMT is recognised as a world leader in powertrain NVH including EV/HEV NVH where gearbox and motor interactions are additionally required, and also pioneer of new technology invention.

Further details and how to register can be found here