Gear-loaded tooth contact analysis is an important tool for the design and analysis of gear performance within transmission and driveline systems. Methods for the calculation of tooth contact conditions have been discussed in the literature for many years.

The Loaded tooth contact analysis model in MASTA combining an FE representation of bending and base rotation stiffness of teeth with a Hertzian contact formalism for contact stiffness is presented. Comparison with full 3D FE contact analysis and the tooth contact analysis program LDP is made. Correlation with the 3D FE contact analysis is good. For the low helix angle gear pair under consideration, it is shown that it is important to include the phenomenon of extended contact at the tips of the gear teeth in such hybrid tooth contact models for correlation with the FE analysis at high loads. It is further shown that LDP underestimates the mean transmission error for helical gears when compared to the FE analysis results. A possible cause of this underestimation is presented. A second helical gear example is presented with comparison with results available in the literature.

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