MASTA 7 has arrived and is packed full with brand new features and improvements. The release marks SMT’s continued success in providing transmission engineers worldwide with the best software tools designed around them.

Here are some of the new features available in MASTA 7

  • Enhanced imported FE capabilities: Take casing and component meshing into the MASTA environment for analysis and optimisation in the context of the full system.
  • Tooth Interior Fatigue Fracture (TIFF) module: Predict crack initiation risk for TIFF based on the method of MackAldener.
  • Manufacturing capability improvements: New modules predetermining tooth profile errors under manufacturing conditions including Plunge Shaving Dynamics and the Hobbing Process.
  • Streamlined development process: User Interface improvements and reduction in steps taken allow users to focus on innovating.

There are many more improvements that can be found on the MASTA 7 page.

MASTA 7 is certified compatible with Windows 10 and is supported on legacy Microsoft Operating Systems from XP (See system requirements for full details).  MASTA, as always, is also a 64-bit program making use of the full capabilities of your computers hardware.

What’s more MASTA 7 is free to download for existing users with an SMT maintenance subscription or free to evaluate for everyone. Existing customers can login to their SMT Portal account to download the latest version at If you are a MASTA user and do not have an account yet please follow this link.