Software Update: Explore MASTA 10.2 – Now Available

SMT is pleased to announce the next release of its revolutionary software, MASTA 10.2. that is now available for all users and evaluators.

This release, as with previous updates, contains all the capabilities from previous releases as well as various additional features and some enhancements to previously included features. The new release showcases, once more, the flexible agile approach to feature developments and revisions in software releases from SMT, that minimise bottlenecks in productivity for users of MASTA.

This update shows developments in bearing functionalities, NVH advancements, scripting features and more:

A summary of some of the main features of MASTA 10.2 include:

  • New Module MC131 – ISO Cylindrical Gear Tooth Flank Fracture Analysis
  • New Module MC132 – Crossed Roller Bearings
  • New Module MG301 – COBRA Interface – Export MASTA bearing geometry and load conditions to the bearing analysis software COBRA
  • NVH – Improved performance, added calculation results and enhanced useability features
  • Bearings – Fitting effects for bearings interference fitted into sleeves. Overriding dynamic equivalent load factors. Updated SKF catalogue.
  • Scripting – License management using the MASTA API. Saving custom property values in the MASTA file
  • License management using the Licensing Tool application

Full details and official release notes can be accessed via the SMT Portal or please contact your local Account Manager or SMT representative for further information.

SMT is also preparing for the launch of their next major software release, MASTA 11, coming soon. This major release will include multiple enhancements that ensure that SMT remain at the forefront in providing cutting edge technology solutions to an ever-increasing array of users. MASTA has always had an extremely user-friendly interface, MASTA 11 will add further useability features for enhanced, efficient model building. Improvements to gear analysis will include design and analysis functionality for asymmetric cylindrical gears, including our state-of-the-art Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis. A brand new, innovative, NVH solution will be introduced for the analysis of NVH phenomenon where modulation sidebands occur due to changing stiffness and transfer paths in, for example, gear blanks with holes and planetary systems. A new high-fidelity cycloidal drive design and analysis tool will be available for the advanced design and analysis of standard and RV cycloidal drives. Together with many other new features and enhancements.

Discover more about the features available in MASTA by catching up on our latest on-demand webinar videos that showcase further examples of the many features mentioned.

SMT is the global leader in the provision of both engineering consultancy services & next generation CAE software for the complete design, analysis & optimisation of individual components through to complex and complete driveline designs. SMT MASTA software can be used to accurately & rapidly design, predict performance characteristics, identify potential failure modes & undertake full-system (including time-domain MBD) simulations for any gearbox layout. SMT has offices and representatives in the UK, China, USA, Japan, Korea and more. More information about SMT is available at

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