Software Update: Explore MASTA 11.1 – Now Available

SMT is pleased to announce the next release of its revolutionary software, MASTA 11.1, that is now available for all users and evaluators.

This release, as with previous updates, contains all the capabilities from previous releases as well as various additional features and some enhancements to previously included features. The new release showcases, once more, the flexible agile approach to feature developments and revisions in software releases from SMT, that minimise bottlenecks in productivity for users of MASTA.

MASTA 11.1 features the all new Geometry Modeller, and improvements in Bearing functionalities, Cylindrical Gear Microgeometry & NVH/Harmonic Analysis.

A summary of some of the main features of MASTA 11.1 include:

  • Geometry Modeller:
    • The Geometry Modeller is a new application that provides comprehensive CAD capabilities, allowing the generation of CAD, creation of MASTA models direct from 3D CAD and rapid addition of FE to MASTA models without leaving SMT software packages.
  • Efficiency:
    • The power loss from bearings can now be calculated using a method developed by SKF
    • Improvements to the Oil Seal Power Loss Calculation
  • Rolling Bearing improvements, including:
    • An improved method for calculating roller-rib contact stresses
    • Improvements to the calculation of ballbearing angular velocities
    • Selection of the friction model used for the gyroscopic moment calculation in ball bearings.
    • The roller contact models for Cylindrical and Taper Roller Bearings have been improved
  • Cylindrical Gear Microgeometry improvements, including:
    • Specificaiton of Triangular End Relief
    • Additional microgeometry chart viewing options
  • NVH/Harmonic Analysis improvements, including:
    • Airbourne Sound Power calculation
    • Visualisation of combined sound power resunded to multiple excitations and/or harmonics

Full details and official release notes can be accessed via the SMT Portal or please contact your local Account Manager or SMT representative for further information.

SMT is the global leader in the provision of both engineering consultancy services & next generation CAE software for the complete design, analysis & optimisation of individual components through to complex and complete driveline designs. SMT MASTA software can be used to accurately & rapidly design, predict performance characteristics, identify potential failure modes & undertake full-system (including time-domain MBD) simulations for any gearbox layout. SMT has offices and representatives in the UK, China, USA, Japan, Korea and more. More information about SMT is available at

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