Win 10 Tech Preview Screen Grab

MASTA 6 running in the latest Windows 10 technical preview

Yesterday Microsoft officially announced Windows 10, pushing a plethora of both business and consumer focused features. One key point is a significant improvement in the integration of the ‘mobile feel’ first introduced in Windows 8 with features from previous operating systems such as Windows 7 and earlier. The intention is to deliver an operating system that is powerful and easy to use on both number-crunching high-end workstations and consumer mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This acknowledges that current operating systems have features more suited to one device type, often to the detriment of the other which Microsoft is committed to resolving with the release of Windows 10.

Promising to be an alternatively appealing OS for corporations from the comparably less business-friendly 8 and 8.1, there is therefore an anticipated leap frog from those companies using XP and Windows 7 to take up Windows 10 as their company wide OS of choice.

For SMT this means ensuring MASTA and its other CAE solutions are ready for compatibility with Windows 10. SMT can already verify that its CAE solutions including MASTA run both smoothly and reliably on the latest technical preview but will also continue to monitor and rigorously test its products so they’re more than ready for the Windows 10 release later this year.

Find out more and rewatch the live event here