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Introducing SMT’s Knowledge Exchange Seminars

SMT are pleased to announce our knowledge exchange seminar events.

Regardless of your speciality, we look forward to visiting professionals from across the industry and sharing the latest research & development on a selection of the industry’s hottest topics.

With no cost to your business & no time-consuming travel to manage, this is a great way to keep your edge at the forefront of transmission technology.

Not a current user of SMT products? No problem! Our knowledge exchange seminars are open to all. 

A free 3 month trial of the MASTA software will be made available to all who participate and even if you are an existing user, this gives you the chance to try other modules or train additional people.

What to expect

Listed below, you will find details on 13 topics covering a range of hot topics in the transmission industry.  

Simply register using our contact form and select up to three that you find the most intriguing. We’ll arrange an appropriate date for our specialists to visit your workplace. 

On the day, our specialists will host an informal seminar, where we will present a range of pre-prepared material to you and your team on your selected topics. 

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Seminar Topics

Component durability has long been based on results from static analysis, combining mean loading and dynamic loading factors to account for any transient loads. This seminar discusses how component durability can be more accurately calculated when combining these traditional rating methods with a time-domain dynamic analysis

With the limitations to frequency domain NVH studies to a fixed torque being well documented, this seminar presents a new method for combining the frequency domain response over the full operating torque range. 

With transmission NVH performance becoming increasingly critical within the industry, SMT investigate the use rim, web and slot design in the modification of NVH characteristics.

Already an incredibly intricate topic, NVH analysis and development is made ever more complex with the inclusion of sidebands from modulated components. In this seminar, learn how SMT address these issues, using MASTA to predict sidebands caused by component modulation. 

Common in certain areas of the transmission industry, asymmetric gears are fast gaining traction in other areas as technology evolves. In this seminar, SMT discuss the development of asymmetric cylindrical gears by combining it with rapid and accurate Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (LTCA). 

Various methods exist for efficiency modelling, whether they be low fidelity calculations from ISO technical reports or high fidelity but difficult and time consuming CFD approaches. In this seminar, we discuss the existing methodologies, with their limitations, for efficiency modelling and optimisation, whilst introducing a concept of a medium fidelity model from SMT. 

Engineering is plagued with the time-consuming repetition of manual tasks. From data processing to the set-up of complex models and simulations, this is an industry wide problem. In this seminar, we discuss how SMT is challenging this norm within the transmission industry by introducing powerful automation capabilities via scripting. 

Design and manufacture have a long history of causing problems for one another. In this seminar, learn how SMT tackle these problems, seamlessly integrating cutter development with both gear component and system level analysis.

A critical element in gear development, Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (LTCA) provides engineers with highly accurate results in a fraction of the time required for a traditional FE analysis. SMT take this one step further with our Advanced LTCA methodology. In this seminar, we share how SMT undertakes an Advanced LTCA calculation.

Optimal bearing performance is non-negotiable in our industry, so having the tools to rapidly perform highly accurate analyses is essential. Learn the methods utilised by SMT to incorporate advanced bearing models, system level analyses and leading industry standards to provide unparalleled bearing analysis.

Incredibly high transmission ratios and their use in precision movement applications make cycloidal drives an intriguing and rapidly developing technology. Learn how SMT have added these units to our long list of capabilities, along with the detailed validation processes undertaken by our dedicated R&D team. 

Your time is valuable, so why spend hours undertaking needless manual development processes? In this seminar, discover how automating parts of your transmission development process can streamline your processes. From specialised gear geometry studies to full system design of experiments.

Many tools exist which specialise in specific areas of transmission development. In isolation, these tools give a very limited picture, therefore it is critical that a system-based approach be utilised. In this seminar, we discuss the benefits of using one system level tool, providing a wealth of information simply not available by other means without significant difficulties.