A closer look at the latest features in MASTA 8 relating to EV and HEV compatibility. A new module that facilitates the design and analysis of models including electric machines and specifically the analysis of the dynamic response to electric machine excitation’s.

Functionality in MASTA allows you to:

  •  Include electric machine as a power source for a MASTA model
  •  Model and import the stator and housing via an Imported FE component. In general, electric machine stators are not simple both geometrically and materially so representation via imported FE is important for accurate results
  • Import speed dependant dynamic load data, including torque ripple and stator tooth loads, from an electric machine modelling program (e.g. ANSYS Maxwell, JMAG) or test data
  • Analyse the response of the model to the excitation’s from the electric machine, transmission error at gear meshes and any other user defined harmonic loads in the same analysis