2019 Webinars

Webinar 10 focused on scripting in MASTA.

  • Topic: Scripting in MASTA
  • Date:  Thursday 28th March
  • Time: 1pm (GMT)
  • Duration: 1 hour

• Introduction to scripting in MASTA
• SMT API properties, model building and extracting results using C# and VB.Net
• Use scripted properties in MASTA’s custom reporting framework
• Plugins – share functionality with other MASTA users whilst retaining IP
• Create and setup multiple code solutions
• Using the SMT API in a console application
• Future developments
• Q&A’s

Registration for this webinar has now closed. 

2018 Webinars

Webinar 9 focused on our recent MASTA 9 software release.

  • Topic: MASTA 9: Overview of functionality
  • Date:  Tuesday 20 November
  • Time: 1pm (GMT)
  • Duration: 1 hour


  1. Introduction
  2. NVH Improvements
    • Airborne sound power
    • Export direct to acoustics
    • Operating deflection shapes
    • New interface
  3. Shaft meshing
  4. Flexible spline coupling
  5. Bearing mounting clearance
  6. CVT sheave forces
  7. Future developments

*Registration for this webinar has now closed. If you missed this webinar, you can catch up here.