Engineering Services Overview

Visionary engineering with an exemplary track record for providing cutting edge technology.

  • Concept design & feasibility
  • Control system development for power shift transmission and AMT based on SMT Control System Software Platform
  • Detailed transmission design & analysis
  • Power density improvements and cost reduction
  • NVH troubleshooting
  • Improving gear shift quality
  • Gear and transmission manufacturing process improvements
  • Driveline development test rig design


Our engineers have experience in all sectors of the gearing industry and all phases of the product development cycle from concept to volume manufacture and regularly work with world leading transmission designers and manufacturers in the automotive, wind turbine, marine and aerospace industries.

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What SMT engineers can bring to your project

The SMT team comprises a perfect balance of driven, innovative and experienced specialists with the right tools to accomplish results.

  • Extensive experience in various countries with leading automotive transmission and driveline designers and manufacturers
  • A deep understanding of each phase of the product development cycle
  • Access to the best databases, tools and technologies
  • Local offices worldwide guarantee the contact required to deliver a seamless service

The SMT Approach

A well developed and systematic method for global leading companies and emerging small businesses. Strategic approaches for expanding into new markets or developing on current offering in the most economical way.

  • Suited to both mass and low volume manufacturing
  • Fastest product to market for the best value
  • Key focus on the transferability of developed products and learned knowledge on the project

Services for Transmission Control System Software

  • Benchmarking / Reverse Engineering
  • Early concept / prototype development using simulation & modelling
  • Full prototype system design
  • Expansion / calibration of existing systems
  • Production partnering
  • Support services development