Wind Turbine Design

Maximising wind energy yields and reliability for the best possible value

SMT provides engineering design and consultancy services that cover the complete development cycle of wind turbine drivetrains. Our extensive engineering experise in transmission and gearbox design as well as analysis and manufacture simulation makes us the strategic partner of choice for developing innovative wind turbine systems.

Key benefits of SMT designs

  • Maximise system efficiency and output capabilities
  • Long durability – high and up to date safety factors for critical system components
  • Lower NVH levels for smoother running and longer lasting components
  • Low manufacturing cost – by using standard bearings, standard cutters, simple assembly methods, light weight components and maximising tolerances.
  • Low maintenance cost – reusable ring gears, easily replaced on the nacelle and maximised use of commonly available components.

What SMT engineers bring to your project

The SMT team comprises a perfect balance of the most driven, innovative and experienced specialists in the industry to deliver our products and services.

  • Extensive experience in various countries with leading wind turbine designers and manufacturers
  • A deep understanding of each phase of the product development cycle
  • Access to the best databases, tools and technologies
  • Local offices worldwide guarantees the contact required to deliver a seamless service
  • Previous work ranging from 1.5MW to 7MW installation projects including conventional, flexible pin and innovative designs.

The SMT Approach

A well developed and systematic method for both global leader companies and small businesses expanding into new markets or developing their current in the shortest time and the most economical way.

  • Suited to both mass and low volume manufacturing
  • Fastest product to market for the best value
  • Key focus on the transferability of developed products and learned knowledge base


5.0mw hyosung mini