About SMT

SMT is a globally integrated leader in mechanical transmission engineering services and software development. Over the past 20 years SMT has grown from a collective of experienced and passionate engineers into an international enterprise serving all sectors of the transmission and driveline development industry.

Through our strategy, dedication and innovation we promise to continually deliver the most pioneering services and technologies trusted by the world’s leading transmission and driveline engineers.


SMT aspires to be the global market leader in mechanical transmission innovation by exceeding expectations in CAE software and technical services whilst delivering confidence in fulfilment of services and providing next generation software and ideas.

What we do

Engineering Services

Minimise cost, maximise quality and inspire innovation. Reliable and expert technical services for gearbox and transmissions.

Our engineers have unparalleled knowledge of the full development process of automotive, industrial, aerospace, energy and marine transmissions and are able to advise on all aspects of transmission design, analysis and optimisation. We’ve worked with leading international companies on a wide array of engineering projects. This enables us to deliver fully integrated technical solutions for the design, development and manufacture of entire drivetrain, gearboxes and transmission systems.

CAE Software

Next generation CAE software for the design, analysis and optimisation of mechanical transmissions

Our CAE software not only supports our engineering services but is also used in the world’s leading development departments of automotive, energy and industrial sectors. Blue chip companies rely on these solutions day in and day out so that they can deliver the cutting edge transmission technologies of the future.