Predicting unloaded gear rattle using DRIVA - collage of graphs and diagrams.

Predicting Unloaded Gear Rattle Using DRIVA

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Senior Research Engineer, Simon Terry, looks at unloaded gear rattle: why it occurs, how it relates to engine torsional vibrations and how MASTA’s DRIVA modules can be used to accurately model rattle in a vehicle on-road scenario.
High-Speed Ball Bearings – Dynamic Models.

High-Speed Ball Bearings – Dynamic Models

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We look at the dynamic modelling of ball bearings, and the benefits of this approach when analysing high-speed ball bearings.
Predicting spline rumble analysis in MASTA CAE Software.

Predicting Spline Rumble

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We look at how to predict rumble in a modern EV gearbox using MASTA, covering quasi-static analysis, a time stepping analysis and manufacturing errors to see how different errors contribute to rumble.
2023 SMT Customer Support and Satisfaction Summary 2023.

SMT Customer Support and Satisfaction Summary 2023

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Providing great customer support is paramount to us. As such, we do an annual review of our customer support, asking customers for feedback.
High Speed Ball Bearings - Challenges and Analysis.

High-Speed Ball Bearings – Challenges and Analysis

This article explores and focusses on the behaviour of ball bearings at high speed, but much of it is also relevant to roller bearings.
ISO 27001:2022 Certification for SMT.

SMT Achieves ISO 27001:2022 Certification

To demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of industry practice in information security, we have attained ISO 27001:2022.
Electric drivetrain, graphics and more.

Sidebands In Gear Noise Due To Manufacturing Errors

Discover how the automotive industry uses a high-fidelity MASTA analysis for NVH in electric vehicle drivetrains. This article explores the interplay of manufacturing errors, gear whine, and resulting noise.
SMT booth information for VDI Conference On Gears 2023.

VDI Conference on Gears 2023 Munich, Germany

Our Research Department Manager, Dr Owen Harris, is presenting a poster, along with a talk at the VDI International Conference on Gears 2023.

Modal Testing Validation Of An EV Gearbox Model – Part 3, Bearing Connection Methods

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Part 3 includes a full gearbox casing made of two separate halves bolted together and gearbox internals of gears, shafts and bearings.

Modal Testing Validation Of An EV Gearbox Model – Part 2, Casing Bonding Methods

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Part 2 expands on this research by including a full gearbox casing made of two separate halves bolted together.