Screenshots of MASTA software looking at geometry modeller.

Feature Focus: Geometry Modeller

We are pleased to release our CAD package Geometry Modeller, loaded with features designed to perfectly suit transmission developers.
Electric Drive NVH Guide.

MASTA Online Training Workshops Continue With NVH Sessions Now Open For Registration

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Our MASTA Online Training Workshops replicate the face-to-face environment, providing attendees with a step by step training experience.
MASTA License for remote working.

MASTA: Request Temporary Full Featured License For Remote Working

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MASTA users and engineering customers are able to request a temporary full-featured license for remote working.
MASTA 10 CAE software logo.

MASTA 10.0.3 ISO 6336 release

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We pleased to announce the release of ISO 6336:2019 in MASTA 10.0.3, available immediately for all users and evaluators.
MASTA 10 scripting functionality.

Scripting In MASTA 10

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SMT is pleased to announce the introduction of automation with MASTA 10 through scripting with it's latest release.
MASTA 10 logo and scripting in background.

MASTA Webinar To Highlight Further Scripting Capabilities

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We are hosting a webinar on MASTA 10 to showcase the new developments and demo the new scripting functionality in Excel, MATLAB and Python.
MASTA 10 logo and scripting in background.

SMT Leading The Way With Cutting-Edge Innovation: Scripting With MASTA 10

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We are delighted to announce we are showcasing the future generation of CAE software by unveiling a revolutionary new feature: scripting.
University Of Warwick Banner.

SMT Continues MASTA Training At Warwick University

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We are delighted with the outcome of interest for further MASTA training at the University of Warwick, one of SMT’s academic partners.
MASTA Online Training Workshops Banner.

2018 MASTA Training Workshops and European User Forum

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SMT are delighted to announce the success of the 2018 MASTA Training Workshops and European User Forum.
2018 SMT China User Forum.

China User Forum 2018

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SMT is proud to announce the success of the 2018 China User Forum on the 21st September that took place at the Shanghai Marriot Hotel.