SMT is pleased to announce the release of ISO 6336:2019 in MASTA 10.0.3, the third major release of the international gear standard.

This is available immediately for all users and evaluators, the latest release builds on the strengths and successes of previous versions with the aim of providing better comparisons against test cases.

Default rating method in MASTA will remain as ISO 6336:2006 to allow industry transition to the new standard.

Areas With New or Revised Functionality

See notes below to see new or improved functionality:

MASTA: AGMA 2101-D04 ISO 6336-1 (General Influence Factors)

Dynamic Factor is clipped to maximum of 2 when operating outside main resonance range.

This change will affect both bending and pitting safety factors.

This change causes safety factor increase for lightly loaded gears.

MASTA: AGMA 2101-D04 ISO 6336-2 (Surface Durability (pitting))

A new empirical factor is introduced to consider flank modifications effect on contact stress.

A new method section to include work hardening factor for ductile wheel in mesh with surface-hardened steel pinion.

MASTA: AGMA 2101-D04 ISO 6336-3 (Tooth Bending Strength)

Introduction of new methods to calculate tooth root chord, bending moment arm and root fillet radius for shaper cut internal and external gears.

A new factor is introduced as a multiplier to form diameter to consider the influence of contact ratio on the form factor.

Change to helix angle factor which increases the calculated stress by 1 / (cosine (helix angle)^3).

We will be arranging a webinar which will cover the new release in greater depth, allowing discussion, additional questions and a practical overview.

SMT will publish a document demonstrating the effect of these changes and arrange a webinar to discuss sometime in March.

Please contact your local Account Manager or SMT representative for further information, to ensure you have access to the latest release or to arrange a demonstration or evaluation.