SMT is proud to announce the success of the 2019 Chinese User Forum in Hangzhou, China. Hosted and organised by SMT, the User Forum saw attendees reach over 100 with senior executives, engineers and professors all joining the event.

Presentations from SMT included an overview of developments at SMT as well as the latest software enhancements.

It was also delightful to have a number of customer presentations showcasing their experience of using MASTA in both academic and design projects including:

  • “Reasonable selection of gearbox main reduction gear set arrangement”
  • “Planetary carrier analysis and optimization based on full-FE with MASTA”
  • “NVH Analysis and Test of A PMSM Applied in Electric Vehicle”
  • “Motor Reducer Bearing Design Optimization Application”
  • “3D printing housing of Modelling and Simulation of Drive-Hub Reduction based on MASTA”

The significant steps of SMT’s continued success and development to stay at the forefront of innovation and transmission industry developments continue to exceed customer needs.

The User Forums were a great opportunity to showcase this and centralise customers at the annual conference.

If you would like to get involved in our next User Forum, register your interest on our User Forums page.