Reduce Time, Stress and Cost With Geometry Modeller From SMT

SMT are pleased to announce the release of our highly anticipated CAD package Geometry Modeller, loaded with features designed to perfectly suit transmission developers.

From the ability to seamlessly integrate with MASTA’s modelling systems, to its ease of geometry generation and component defeaturing.

Geometry Modeller is the perfect companion software for the MASTA user.

Here are a few ways in which Geometry Modeller assists in rapid and accurate transmission modelling:

  • Link directly to MASTA for rapid and accurate modelling tools
  • User friendly geometry modification and defeaturing tools
  • Powerful geometry repair tools
  • Open geometry files from other major CAD software packages
  • Low-cost licensing

Geometry Modeller – The New CAD Solution From SMT

Wide ranging applications and file formats in a single project are the bane of engineers everywhere.

Wasted time, data loss, human error and data compatibility issues are just some of the problems that arise when juggling multiple software packages and data formats. 

Transmission developers likely know this all too well, with the need to jump between CAD, FE, CAE, spreadsheets and many more, being a feature of our daily working lives. 

At SMT, we pride ourselves on placing user efficiency and user experience high on our priorities list, and we’re proud to say that we’ve taken another leap in that direction with our latest offering. 

Introducing Geometry Modeller.

Cut out the third-party middleman with SMT’s fully featured CAD package, with seamless links to our flagship MASTA software.

Here, we’ll discuss some of the major features that make Geometry Modeller the perfect companion software for the MASTA user.

Active 3D Modelling

Create precision MASTA models directly from Geometry Modeller.

Define MASTA components from 3D assemblies with zero intermediary steps.

Identical geometry, identical coordinates, identical connections.

Creating transmission CAE models from CAD has never been easier.

Many readers will be familiar with MASTA’s long standing ability to import 2D interactive CAD guides.

This functionality drastically improved the speed, precision and confidence with which transmission models could be created from existing CAD designs.

MASTA’s Active 3D Modelling takes this ability to the next level.

Using the same set of features, but upgraded to allow direct definition and assembly of transmission systems from Geometry Modeller to MASTA.

Select faces or edges in your CAD geometry and they are instantly transferred to your MASTA model.

Components are created with relevant connections in the correct position and orientation in 3D space.

Using this new method of model building, a fully detailed transmission system can be created in a matter of minutes.

Active CAD Exchange

Goodbye specialised FE software, hello simplicity.

Model detailed FE components in MASTA via instantaneous geometry exchange with Geometry Modeller.

Seamlessly pass data between MASTA and Geometry Modeller at the click of a button. 

Active CAD Exchange is a huge leap forward for those tasked with designing and optimising transmission systems using CAE software.

Accurate results need highly detailed models.

With this comes the need to include complex component stiffnesses such as housings, planet carriers and asymmetric shafts. 

The preparation of these components for use in CAE has historically heavily relied on external FE software packages.

This all changes with the introduction of Geometry Modeller. 

Active CAD Exchange hands the MASTA user the power to add complex geometry to MASTA at the click of a button, eliminating the intermediary FE steps.

Components are transferred as STL geometry files and can be converted to Full FE MASTA components with ease using meshing capabilities built in to MASTA. 

What happens if I make changes to my design geometry?

Engineers can maintain an active link between MASTA and Geometry Modeller instances. Changes to your model in Geometry Modeller can be re-read into MASTA with a single click. 

Active Parameters

Instead of endlessly transferring design or analysis data between a growing list of software packages, why not use Geometry Modeller to optimise the design of all transmission components in one easy to use tool?  

Active CAD Exchange shows how easy it is to get complex components into MASTA, now see how Active Parameters can help you to use MASTA’s in-built DoE tools to enhance those designs. 

Active Parameters allows you to drive any number of defined geometric CAD parameters from within MASTA itself.

These Defined Parameters Could Cover A Range of Critical Design Features Including:

  • Housing wall thickness 
  • Rib geometry and fillet sizing 
  • Geometric patterns such as gear blank cut-outs or rib patterns 
  • Gear blank geometry such as rim or web thickness 

As all of these can be driven from within MASTA, it means they can also be utilised in powerful optimisation tools such as the Parametric Study Tool, RUNNA or Design Space Search.

Geometry Modeller’s Active Parameters Could Be Used To:

  • Minimise mesh misalignment 
  • Reduce component weight 
  • Optimise NVH characteristics 
  • Maximise power density 
  • Increase confidence in design 

Find Out More About Geometry Modeller or Any MASTA Features

For more information on Geometry Modeller or any of MASTA’s features, head to our contact page. 

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