Automation Via Scripting

SMT is pleased to announce the introduction of automation with MASTA 10 through scripting with it’s latest release.

The use of software systems in transmission development, manufacture and troubleshooting processes is considered essential.

With the ever-stringent requirements and decreasing lead times required to get ahead in a highly competitive market, the efficient use of software tools throughout development is critical.

Software should enable engineers to optimise the use of their time in streamlining engineering decisions, and allow them to spend less time on manual tasks such as concept/model building, running analyses and extracting results.

Next-generation transmission specific software will, via scripting, allow engineers to make efficient use of time and company IP within workflows without needing to share it externally.

Having the software embedded within the design and development process of a company can enable notable reductions in development time while producing more robust transmissions.

Hardware testing iterations are also minimised.

There is, however, often a large amount of work still performed by the engineer, which could benefit from being automated.

Further, companies can benefit from more tightly integrating such tools with their own IP, analysis methods, workflows, in-house tools and knowledge database.

This is where scripting comes in.

SMT has introduced extensive scripting functionality with MASTA 10 with scripting developed out of two main ideas.

First, enabling engineers to spend less time on manual tasks of model building, running analyses and extracting results.

And second, enabling companies to use their own IP efficiently in design and development workflows without having to share it externally.

MASTA 10 scripting, however, enables much more than this.

Scripting further enables a company to continually improve its design and analysis processes by efficiently integrating their own technical advances as they are made and without being required to share their own IP.

You can find out all the latest on ‘Automation via scripting’ in the most recent issue of ‘Transmission Technology International‘.

MASTA 10 scripting functionality.