We are delighted to announce that we will be showcasing the future generation of computer-aided engineering (CAE) software in due course by unveiling a revolutionary new feature: scripting.

Scripting: Transforming The Way You Work

Scripting allows users more control over interacting with MASTA, both within MASTA and via external tools.

Companies can make efficient use of their own intellectual property within MASTA workflows without sharing it externally.

Links can be made to utilise companies’ existing data and experience in building, running and interpreting MASTA models and results.

Manual tasks can be easily automated, as can communication between tools, to significantly improve productivity.

As customers develop their own advanced technology, this can be incorporated into continually improving design/CAE processes and workflows.

Users of our exciting upcoming MASTA 10 software will be able to use the brand-new scripting tab to run their own code within the MASTA interface in the fast and powerful C# and Visual Basic languages.

For maximum ease and flexibility, scripting allows users to create custom properties for items within a transmission design as well as the ability to share compiled libraries to protect intellectual property.

User-defined properties are fully compatible with our industry-leading custom reporting framework, including parametric study and optimisation tools.

An exclusive benefit includes downloading additional plugins and code solutions from the SMT Store.

Additionally, users will be able to create unified code solutions with the tab in every operation mode, setting the plugin directory to create, manage and compile code solutions.

Moreover, advisory compilation errors and warnings are displayed and the tab will aid in adding new properties as well as listing user-defined properties.

Powerful MASTA 10 API

Furthermore, the brand-new MASTA 10 API allows users to write external code that can build, open and save models as well as create and run analyses and extract results.

The API is natively accessible by any .NET language (including C#, Visual Basic and C/C++). Python and MATLAB are also fully compatible, with example scripts included in MASTA 10.

This boosted interface boasts large coverage of MASTA models in excess of 4,300 classes and 14,000 properties.

There is also no requirement to open the MASTA user interface to batch run processes with progress displayed.

The Future Is Scripting

As we look to the future, we are extremely enthusiastic to co-simulate with other software packages, and to enable user code to replace parts of existing MASTA/DRIVA calculations involving stiffness (bearing, spline and shaft-to-shaft connection) and efficiency (bearing and gear mesh).

“The major addition of extensive scripting functionality in MASTA 10 provides a new level of benefits to our users never seen before in specialist transmission design and analysis software.

Scripting developed out of the idea of enabling teams to spend more time making important engineering decisions and less time on the manual tasks of model building, running analyses and extracting results.

Interacting with MASTA via third party and in-house tools can be automated with ease allowing users to streamline workflows while retaining their own IP and making optimal use of their own technology.

Furthermore, the power of MASTA’s object model and calculations can be utilised by our users to rapidly develop new technologies.

The possibilities with this scripting functionality are endless and we are excited to see the tools, solutions and workflows our customers develop.”

– Paul Langlois, Director of Software Engineering, SMT

To find out more on what scripting can do for you, watch our webinar video hosted by Stuart Jones, Senior Software Engineer/Analyst.

MASTA 10 logo and scripting in background.