Driveline Design & Development

SMT provides engineering design and consultancy services that cover the complete development cycle of vehicle transmissions. Our extensive experience in transmission and gearbox design, analysis and manufacture simulation makes us a strategic partner of choice for developing innovative vehicle transmission and driveline systems for a wide range of vehicles.



Transmission Error test with high definition rotary encoders

  • Motorbikes, cars, trucks, buses & off-road vehicles
  • Various configurations: Manual, Automatic, Automated Manual, Dual Clutch & CVTs
  • Our expertise cover Gearboxes, Transfer cases, Axles, Differentials, Hub Reduction, PTO and the Engine Powertrain.

Services include

  • Concept design & feasibility
  • Detailed transmission design & analysis
  • Power density improvements
  • Gearbox weight & cost reduction
  • NVH troubleshooting including NVH and TE testing
  • Gear and transmission manufacturing process optimisation
  • Engine powertrain dynamic analysis
  • Test procedures for rig and vehicle testing
  • Test lab planning & test rig design

Key benefits of SMT designs

  • Maximum efficiency and output capabilities
  • Long durability – high safety factors to international standards for critical system components
  • Low manufacturing cost – using standard bearings, standard cutters, easy assembly methods, light weight components and maximum tolerances
  • Developed from the outset considering
    • Design for manufacturing
    • Design for easy assembly
    • Design for workshop maintenance
    • Design for low noise