Remaining at the forefront of CAE software technology is key to SMT engineering services as well as its software solutions.

SMT are therefore proud to have been certified Gold Partner status from Microsoft for application development.

This level of recognition confirms SMT’s aptitude for CAE software development in the Microsoft environment and also assures users they can expect reliable, robust and precise solutions.

Alongside endorsement Microsoft provides the latest tools and resources available to help continually innovate and provide the leading and stable solutions that modern business systems require.

Early and full access to developer environments also allow SMT to continually lead the way in CAE software development and facilitate engineers to reach new levels of quality year on year.

“This partnership level acts as a promise to customers that our software solutions can be trusted to be compatible with modern standards and gives us the resources to future proof in an industry that notoriously becomes quickly outdated.”

– Euan Woolley, Technical Director, SMT