SMT sponsors Chico State Racing team

SMT recently sponsored the Chico State Racing Team of California State University in preparation for their upcoming Baja SAE California competition.

Macro Geometry Design Space Search

Development of Macro Geometry Design Space Search allows the user to save time during the design phase. Updates to this feature allow users to search design space to find optimal gear designs, and optimise particular gears in gear train whilst fixing others. These designs can then be added to a full ‘MASTA’ model for further advanced analysis.

SMT are attending the CTI Symposium, USA

From the 15-18th of May, SMT will be joining a host of international automotive transmission development engineers at one of the most recognised industry events of the year.

MASTA for optimising gear geometry

Gear Solutions publishes article about how Cummins use MASTA as part of the process of optimising gear geometry to minimise whine and maximise robustness.

BGA Spring Event

SMT are attending the BGA Gears Spring Meeting 2017. This is a great chance to meet with the leading UK Gear companies, manufacturers, distributors and academics in attendance.

Optimising EV Transmissions

CAE design, analysis and simulation are key to ensuring complex transmission systems meet the requirements of the automotive industry. CAE software has played a pivotal role in an engineers ability to achieve levels of innovation beyond those obtainable through manufacturing and testing prototype systems.

Visit SMT in Berlin at the CTI this December

From the 5-7th of December SMT will be joining automotive transmission development engineers from around the world in one of the most recognised industry events of the year, the CTI Symposium in Berlin.

UK Gear Industry Event of the Year

The BGA Gears event will be taking place at the University of Birmingham this year on the 10th November. The event attracts transmission industry professionals discussing an array of gear design, development and manufacturing topics.


At this year's AGMA Fall Technical Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, SMT's Baydu Al will be presenting a paper on "Comparison of TIFF Load Capacity to Standardized Gear Failure Modes Using Boundary Conditions from an Efficient and Accurate Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis".

SMT Announces Japanese Office

SMT are proud to announce the formation of Smart Manufacturing Technology Japan LTD. (SMTJ), a subsidiary of SMT. The new office in Japan is the latest installment of our expanding reach worldwide.