MASTA Core Features

MASTA is made up of a core module and over 75 additional modules with additional design components & advanced analysis functionality, MASTA can be highly tailored to specific user or industry requirements.

Core Module Functionality

The core module provides a CAE environment for the design of gearbox & transmission systems using shafts, bearings & cylindrical gears.

Design Features In The Core Module Include:

  • 2D design view with interactive 3D view
  • Comprehensive bearing database with over 44,000 bearings in the catalogue
  • Add cylindrical gears, shafts, bearings, clutches, synchronisers, splines & other couplings
  • Specify power and point loads and configure load cases and duty cycles
  • Edit shaft profiles including using imported 2D CAD drawing (.dwg/.dxf)

Analysis Features In The Core Module Include:

  • Power flow
  • System deflection
  • Cylindrical gear loading and misalignments
  • Cylindrical gear rating to ISO 6336,  DIN 3990 and AGMA 2101-D04
  • Bearing loading and misalignments
  • Bearing rating to ISO 76, ISO 281 and ISO/TS 16281
  • Shaft fatigue analysis & rating to DIN 743, AGMA or SMT
  • Macro geometry optimisation for strength or contact ratio