We are extremely proud to announce the formal opening of our Seoul office, which will address and facilitate the growing business needs in South Korea.

The Korean automotive industry includes several motoring giants with massive consumer bases spread around the globe, and the SMT Korea office will be on-hand to support and deliver technical service to customers in this part of the continent.

Our sixth regional office, this illustrates the speedy progression and evolution of SMT in the Asia-Pacific region as well as another significant step of SMT’s expansion overall.

It follows the launch of SMT in Shanghai, China two years ago.

“This is an exciting opportunity to support our customers in South Korea with our product range, especially MASTA.

This marks an incredibly healthy continued presence in South Asia and with a base in bustling Seoul, we’re extremely keen to integrate more closely with our customers and raising further awareness of SMT.”

– Pramod Mooneeramsing, Head of Sales and Marketing, SMT

“I’m tremendously pleased that SMT has expanded into South Korea – there are many potential customers who require engineering software and engineering services.

At SMT, we possess a comprehensive understanding of power transmission systems and with our knowledge, we are determined to make a vast impact on the market covering the development of power transmission in the country.”

– Sungho Kim, Technical Account Manager, SMT

Find out more about how SMT can support your business and learn about our popular computer-aided engineering (CAE) software; MASTA.

Seoul cityscape with SMT logo in forefront.