SMT is pleased to announce today that the next major release of its world-leading software, MASTA is now released.

Available immediately for all users and evaluators, this latest release builds on the strengths and successes of previous versions and includes several innovative enhancements that ensure that SMT remain at the forefront in providing cutting edge technology solutions to an ever-increasing array of users.

Major New and Enhanced Functionality Includes:

  • Comprehensive update of SKF bearings, in collaboration with SKF
  • New functionality for analysing the NVH Response to Electric Machines
  • Powerful Design Space Search functionality to explore gear macro geometry design space considering multiple design targets
  • A new interface with KIMoS, in collaboration with Klingelnberg, for bevel and hypoid gear design to manufacture
  • A new System Optimisation tool
  • The ability to Undo and Redo design actions and analysis options
  • Various other enhancements to previously existing functionality

Please contact your local Account Manager or SMT representative for further information, to ensure you have access to the latest release or to arrange a demonstration or evaluation.

SMT is the global leader in the provision of both engineering consultancy services and next generation CAE software for the complete design, analysis and optimisation of individual components through to complex and complete driveline designs.

SMT MASTA software can be used to accurately and rapidly design, predict performance characteristics, identify potential failure modes and undertake full-system (including time-domain MBD) simulations for any gearbox layout.

SMT has offices and representatives in the UK, China, USA, Japan, Germany, Korea, Turkey and Russia.

More information about SMT is available on our contact page.

To find out more about the new features available in MASTA 8, watch the Overview video here